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With Your Vision & Our Products,
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2'' Road Smart Reflective Tape - Amber

Part Number:RE2450A
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Amber Road Smart Reflective Tape is manufactured in the US is 2’’ wide tape which exceeds Canada’s DOT-C2 Standard requirements and the DOT-C2 is stamped on the tape showing it passes the DOT grade. The modular pattern of reflective prisms on the tape allows it to be mounted in any flat (does not adhere well on concave or convex surfaces) position while maintaining reflective performance. Typical brightness of 700+ candlepower.

  • This conspicuity tape meets DOT-C2 specifications and exceeds the requirements of NHTSA (49 CFR 571)
  • Its typical brightness of 700+ candlepower
  • This brand of reflective tape is easy to apply on fiberglass, aluminum and painted steel as long as it is clean, dry and oil-free
  • The modular prisms allow the tape to be mounted and always maintain reflective performa
  • Our DOT-C2 Conspicuity Tape is made in the U.S.AOur Conspicuity tape is designed for flat surfaces and does not adhere well to curved surfaces
  • Suggested Uses: Bikes, Motorcycles, Trucks, Trailers, Boats, Docks, Snowmobiles, Jet Skies, Wagons, Tricycles, Cars, Garage Doors, Projections.

SWidth: 2''.

Put-Up: 150’ rolls.

Sold by the foot.

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