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With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible
With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible


What is a running yard?

A running yard is the width of the fabric x 1 yard long. For example: 5 running yards of 60” wide Sunbrella Marine Canvas is a piece 60” wide x 5 yards long.

What is the width of the fabric?

When viewing a fabric, scroll down to the description of the fabric. In the description you will find specifications for the fabric including width, weight, how it is sold and related specs for the material.

If I order fabric does it come in 1 piece?

Yes it does. When you order fabric we will ship it to you in one continuous piece except if the order is larger than the put up (Number of yards on a roll). For example: if you ordered 75 yards of fabric and the roll size (Put Up) is 50 yards, you would get one piece of fabric 50 yards long and a second piece 25 yards long.

What are the shipping costs?

Calculating your shipping cost is very easy. First add your items to your shopping cart. When finished click the red "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" button. Enter your Province and your Postal Code and click the red "Calculate" button. It takes 10 to 15 seconds to calculate the shipping costs. shows up as default, click the boxed down button to display the various shipping rates and couriers.

Can I get sample fabrics?

Yes, we offer up to 3 free samples on most of our fabrics and strive to have them sent from our facility within 14 days. Send us an email to [email protected] with your mailing address and fabric skew(s) and we will send them out via Canada Post.

Do you manufacture finished products such as awnings, cushions, boat tops, upholstery etc...?

No we do not, we only sell fabrics and supplies to the DIY's.

How do I change the quantity of an item in my shopping cart?

When in your shopping cart click the red "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" button. Here you are able to change the quantity by highlighting "QTY" (quantity) box and typing in the number of units. Once you have changed the quantity, click the "Update Cart" underneath the "QTY" box. Click "Continue Shopping" to add other items.

Do you sell to the public?

Yes we do at wholesale prices.

Do you have a store front open to the public?

No we do not. We are exclusively an online store but do provide curb-side pick-up by placing your order through our website and choosing "HOLD FOR INSTORE PICK-UP"  

Do you ship to the US & Mexico?

Sorry, we do. We only ship to Canadian addresses.

Is there a minimum order?

We do not have a minimum purchase.

Why am I not getting any shipping options except for “Hold For In-Store Pickup”?

This may happen for 2 reasons. First, when getting a shipping quote, you may have entered your postal code incorrectly or have not chosen your Province. Second reason may be that your purchase exceeds the shipping weight limit. In this case give us a call toll free at 877-780-2722 and we will do the shipping quote manually.

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