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With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible
With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible
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  • DOT Durable Snap Fasteners DOT Durable Snap Fasteners
    DOT Durable Fasteners have a well earned reputation of being the best performing snap fasteners for marine & industrial applications to use when superior snap action, holding strength and longevity are required. DOT Durable fasteners heavy-duty construction assures a firm grip that will remain secure through years of use and are constructed to narrow tolerances that ensure consistent snap action snap after snap.
  • Twist Lock Fasteners Twist Lock Fasteners
    Dot Brand & Nylon Twist Lock Fasteners are also known as Common Sense Fasteners. These fasteners are simple and easy to use. Simply line up the fastener to the male and twist, you now have a securely locked fastener that cannot be dislodged. Twist Lock Fasteners can be used for canvas to canvas, or canvas to surface applications.
  • Lift The Dot Fasteners Lift The Dot Fasteners
    Dot Brand Lift-The-Dot fasteners are strong, heavy duty and a marine grade locking fastener. Lift-The-Dot fasteners lock on three sides and can only be opened by lifting the fourth side where the Dot and the Lift-The-Dot trademark appears. This marine grade fastener is made from all brass and non-ferrous metal construction preventing rust.
  • Stayput Fasteners Stayput Fasteners
    Stayput Fasteners together with new product development have made Stayput one of the most reliable and secure fasteners available. Stayput offers a superior corrosion free solution to your fabric fastening requirements, limited in application only by your imagination.
  • Pull-The-Dot Fasteners Pull-The-Dot Fasteners
    Pull-The-Dot Fasteners are a heavy duty, three sided locking snap fastener that is built to withstand extreme pressure on three sides without unlocking. When pulled on the fourth side where the Pull-The-Dot trademark appears, the fastener releases instantly. Its all brass or other non-ferrous metal construction means it won't rust.
  • Tenax Fasteners Tenax Fasteners
    Tenax Fasteners are a self locking fastener which will not come undone once engaged on it's peg until released with a lifting of the button. A quick release is accomplished simply by pinching the head of the Tenax button.
  • Loxx Fasteners Loxx Fasteners
    For the last 60 years, LOXX® has been an essential solution for quick and secure fastening of tarpaulin, spray hoods, bimini tops, automotive soft tops, sunblinds, Upholstery, RV applications, boat canopies and more. Easy to use, easy to install locking fastener and they look great.
  • Windshield Snap Fastener Clips Windshield Snap Fastener Clips
    Dot Brand Stainless Steel Marine Windshield Snap Clips are a spring loaded clip that attaches to the frame of a boat windshield or truck tonneau frame eliminating the need to drill into the frame. Clips are available in 3/4" or 7/8" for Snaps or Lift-The-Dot Fasteners.
  • Tarp Clips Tarp Clips
    Tarp Clips are an easy and fast way for attaching lines anywhere on the edge of a tarp. No need for holes or worries about grommets tearing out and the more pressure put on the clips, the tighter it holds.
  • Plastic Hole Plugs Plastic Hole Plugs
    Assorted sizes of plastic hole plugs to snap into pre-existing drill holes to cover the hole and giving it a finished look.
  • Upholstery Panel Fasteners Upholstery Panel Fasteners
    Various Panel Fasteners for securing and hanging upholstered wood, plastic or fiberglass panels onto hard surfaces without the need to screw or nail the panels in place.
  • Magnetic Snap Fasteners Magnetic Snap Fasteners
    Magnetic snaps are a handy fastener solution for a variety of accessories and apparel. The process of attaching them is pretty easy. You basically mark the position, cut the slits for the prongs, mount the pieces and then fold the prongs down and you’re done!


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