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With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible
With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible
We stock a variety of rope, cords, string, rubber cord and galvanized wire for awnings, draw strings, tarps, pulley's, tents and other outdoor applications. 
  • Polyester Neobraid Cord Polyester Neobraid Cord
    Manufactured by Neocorp in Rhode Island, this 100% high-strength polyester Neobraid cord excels in awning applications and is a superb all-purpose/industrial cord.
  • Diamond Braid Nylon Cord Diamond Braid Nylon Cord
    100% Premium grade, High tenacity, U.V. Stabilized Nylon Diamond Braid Cord. Nylon offers superior abrasion resistance and is used in awnings, apparel, bag, tarping, and other applications.
  • Cotton Diamond Braid Cord Cotton Diamond Braid Cord
    Cotton Diamond Braid Cord is manufactured from a blend of cotton and polyester spun yarns and a synthetic core for additional strength. A polished finish creates a layer of resistance against weather and other abrasions. Holds knots well, even in the harshest conditions. Great for tie-down applications and other outdoor uses such as with tents, awnings, draw cords, clotheslines, etc.
  • Polypropylene Rope Polypropylene Rope
    Polypropylene Rope is the lightest, most widely used, economical rope on the market. Strength is far greater than Manila. Has long life, is easy to handle, remains flexible in cold temperatures and has excellent resistance to most acids and alkaline.
  • Synthetic Rubber Cord Synthetic Rubber Cord
    Synthetic Rubber Cord can be used anywhere constant tension is needed. Just cut the cord to the length required, apply the galvanized double eye hooks at both ends, and it’s ready for use. Will not crack, chip or peel. Use in any weather.
  • Upholstery Twine Upholstery Twine
    Upholstery Twines for tufting buttons and general upholstery use. These Twines are specially designed to hold knots and will not rot.
  • Galvanized Wire Cable Galvanized Wire Cable
    Galvanized wire cable is manufactured to the latest US military specifications and are designed for industrial and marine applications. Wire cable has a 7 x 19 construction which is the most flexible and widely used construction and is well suited for a multitude of applications.

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