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With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible
With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible
Vinyl Furniture Fabrics for indoor furniture including couches, sofa, loveseats, chairs, bar stools, ottomans, benches, kitchen chairs, headboards, and more.

  • General $21.35 General $21.35
    General is a 54" wide residential deep grained vinyl upholstery fabric boasting a 500,000 double rub rating and -40 degrees Celsius cold crack rating.
  • Trove Vinyl Fabric $19.95 Trove Vinyl Fabric $19.95
    Trove is a 54" wide, 16.7 ounce per square yard, with a 100% polyester backing, residential vinyl upholstery fabric.
  • Intrepid Vinyl Fabric - $29.95 Intrepid Vinyl Fabric - $29.95
    Intrepid furniture vinyl fabric boasts a 1.5 million double rub rating, -55 degree Celsius cold crack rating, passes 1500 hour UV rating tested by AATCC 16.3 and has an Endurepel Armour coating. Intrepid will equal or exceed more expensive fabric specifications such as Spirit Millennium and is used in automotive, marine, hospitality, furniture and recreational applications.
  • Trexx Met MQ Vinyl Fabric $34.50 Trexx Met MQ Vinyl Fabric $34.50
    Trexx Met MQ™ by Spradling's® Softside® collection of residential vinyl fabrics comes with a 100% polyester Hi-Loft²™ backing. Trexx Met has the look and feel of cloth but in a more manageable and durable vinyl that is outdoor approved.
  • Lunar Residential Vinyl$36.90 Lunar Residential Vinyl$36.90
    Lunar Vinyl Fabric by Enduratex® is a multi-purpose, 54'' wide Vinyl used in marine, automotive and residential applications. Lunar is made from virgin vinyl boasting anti-microbial, Mildew, Abrasion & UV resistant properties.
  • Allegro $36.90 Allegro $36.90
    Allegro 54'' wide Marine/Automotive dual-use vinyl fabric from Spradlings Softside™ collection of vinyls has a fine grain pattern embossed into the vinyl with the look of real leather. The Hi-Lof™ backing gives this vinyl a soft, pliable hand.
  • Jetstream Vinyl Fabric $38.80 Jetstream Vinyl Fabric $38.80
    Jetstream Residential Vinyl by Enduratex® is a 54'' wide, 20.00 ounce per square yard, 1.1 mm thick, 100% virgin vinyl fabric with a bright, shiny, vibrant look produced using an innovative pearlized and metallic finish. Jetstream Residential Vinyl has an ultra-soft hand that holds up to the highest standards of durability in the industry.
  • Chamea $38.25 Chamea $38.25
    Chamea residential vinyl by Naugahyde®. Soft, smooth, faux leather offers an extensive and contemporary "fresh" color pallet. The Advanced BeautyGard® protective top coat finish is produced from environmentally friendly materials and processes and is technically formulated to achieve the highest performance standards.
  • NaugaSoft Vinyl Fabric $48.50 NaugaSoft Vinyl Fabric $48.50
    NaugaSoft® Velvet Brown by Naugahyde® is a multi-purpose residential vinyl fabric, supremely supple solid vinyl upholstery choice for the discriminating Designer/Specifier looking for the luxurious hand of leather in a more durable fabric-backed product. Nauga Soft rated for one million double rubs has been expertly formulated to stir the passion within you. From the first touch to witnessing the superior tailorability, Nauga Soft will capture your heart. Faux leather never had it so good!
  • Surrey $39.50 Surrey $39.50
    Surrey Residential Vinyl Fabric by Enduratex™ is a 54" wide Marine vinyl fabric that has a unique textured metallic raw slubbed silk appearance.
  • Burkshire $39.95 Burkshire $39.95
    Burkshire by Naugahyde® presents a richly grained, antique-aged leather finish ideally suited for residential seating applications. The pattern combines a deep and subtle grain effect with a blend of traditional and contemporary colors. Burkshire, with Advanced Beauty Guard Protective Finish, appeals to all markets....designers, commercial specifiers and consumers.
  • Whisper Vinyl Fabric $47.90 Whisper Vinyl Fabric $47.90
    Whisper™ Residential Vinyl Fabric by Spradling® with a napa leather-like surface and a durable wear-resistant formulation. Whisper combines the luxury of leather with superior performance. Whisper's multiple top coating systems provide a scuff-resistant surface that endures a whopping 100,000 "double-rubs", making it the best solution for your home seating application! And as if that wasn't enough, Whisper boasts a palette of 36 modern decorator colours.
  • Apex Vinyl Fabric $45.95 Apex Vinyl Fabric $45.95
    Apex by Spradling's Softside Collection is a versatile vinyl used in a multitude of applications including marine, automotive and residential. Apex vinyl fabric has a soft hand with exceptional durability and strength featuring a metallic textured basket weave pattern.
  • Surfside $44.95 Surfside $44.95
    Surfside™ Residential Vinyl Fabric by Naugahyde® with Advanced BeautyGard® protective top coat finish is produced from environmentally friendly materials and processes. Surfside is used in numerous industries including Residential, Marine, Automotive, Fitness, Recreational Vehicles, RV, Hospitality, Corporate, Restaurant and Transportation Industries because of Surfside's high-end fabric specifications and its 34 vibrant color choices.
  • Casablanca $42.55 Casablanca $42.55
    Casablanca By Naugahyde® combines the look and feel of linen with the performance of Vinyl.This stylish and versatile collection was developed with hospitality, contract, marine and healthcare markets in mind. All of Casablanca’s patterns are flame retardant, stain resistant and anti-microbial. Casablanca features Naugahyde’s exclusive Advanced Beauty Gard® top coat finish offering advanced protection for the most demanding seating applications.
  • Overshadow $42.95 Overshadow $42.95
    Overshadow by Enduratex® is a textured 2 tone vinyl fabric that has the look of a printed vinyl by using TPU (Thermoplastic Olefin) content making this vinyl extremely durable. Overshadow is 54'' wide, weights 18.66 ounces per square yard and has a Produratect™ protective finish.
  • Spirit Millennium Vinyl Fabric $45.90 Spirit Millennium Vinyl Fabric $45.90
    Spirit Millennium Regimental Blue is a residential grade vinyl fabric by Naugahyde® is designed with the colors of the new generation, Spirit Millennium represents a generously rich palette of 84 beautiful colors including new directional soft tones and pastels - and the classics that made Spirit pattern the first ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) Contract Design Award winner. Spirit Millennium is used in most high-traffic applications such as McDonald's, Airports, Stadiums...etc because of its tremendous abrasion, clean-ability, fire ratings and anti-bacterial attributes. If Spirit Millennium can endure these high-traffic locations, just imagine the durability of the vinyl in your home, boat or car.
  • English Pub $47.95 English Pub $47.95
    English Pub residential vinyl fabric by Naugahyde®, with BeautyGard® protective top coat finish is a practical and popular choice among residential designers and specifiers. When there is a desire for a highly-polished, antique leather design, or when tufting and carefully placed, subtle folds are needed, English Pub responds with "Old Tudor" styling in rich, traditional color tones.
  • Symphony Glaze $49.50 Symphony Glaze $49.50
    Symphony Glaze Vinyl by Nassimi, brings the rich look of polished antiqued leather with a subtle cracking effect.
  • Silvertex Vinyl Fabric $56.95 Silvertex Vinyl Fabric $56.95
    Silvertex™ Residential Vinyl Fabric by Spradling’s newest vinyl-coated fabric addition was created using a unique and exclusive technique that creates a refined dimensional appearance. Spradling utilizes this art form to bring you Silvertex, a subtle textured indistinguishable from real fabric, with one exception…..superior performance.
  • Zodiac $52.25 Zodiac $52.25
    Zodiac Metallic Residential Vinyl Fabric by Naugahyde® with Beautygard® protective coating is a glittering vinyl for those looking for a very visible and flashy look. Zodiac's beauty and glitter may not be apparent on your monitor and really needs to be seen to be appreciated. This multi-purpose vinyl is seen on restaurant furniture, cars and boats for people looking for some POP.

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