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With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible
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  • YKK Vislon Chain Zipper YKK Vislon Chain Zipper
    Ykk® Chain/Continuous Vislon Zipper Chain. YKK uses the brand name Vislon® for their premium line of delrin zippers. Vislon Zippers weather well in all climates, has a clean smooth appearance, is unaffected by moisture and does not support mildew.
  • YKK Brass Chain Zipper YKK Brass Chain Zipper
    YKK® Brass Chain/Continuous Zipper is sturdy, attractive and handles humidity and cold easily. Ideal for outdoor use in garments, tops, bags, etc. Brass zippers have a traditional look and the Black tape coordinates with many fashions and styles.
  • YKK Aluminum Chain Zipper YKK Aluminum Chain Zipper
    YKK® Aluminum Chain/Continuous zippers are lightweight, economical, has more than enough strength in the small castings, is rust resistant and works well in a wide range of temperatures and humidity conditions. Popular in tents, cushions, bags and shelters.
  • YKK Coil Zipper YKK Coil Zipper
    YKK® Coil Coil/Continuous Zippers are never completely separated. Thus, they do not have finished ends. Coil Zippers are used for curved applications such as "U" zips in windows as they are easy to bend. Also great for cushions. A coil zipper is flat on one side with the teeth on the other. The teeth look like a small, long coil sewn onto the zipper tape. Each tooth is intertwined to the next.

YKK Chain Zippers

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