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With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible
With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible
Huge variety of DIY upholstery and marine canvas tools to complete any project professionally.
  • Scissors/Shears Scissors/Shears
    We stock professional grade upholstery scissors and shears from manufactures like Wiss®, Kai® & Mundial® for the marine, home, outdoor and automotive industries.
  • Snap Fastener Tools Snap Fastener Tools
    Snap Fastener Setting Tools quality manufactured here in North America. Tools include Snap Pliers, Snap Press Machines, Hand Held Snap Setters.
  • Twist Lock Fastener Tools Twist Lock Fastener Tools
    Hole Punches and Drivers for installing Common Sense Fasteners, also known as Turn Button or Twist Lock Fasteners onto fabrics or structures.
  • Lift-The-Dot Fastener Tools Lift-The-Dot Fastener Tools
    Lift-The-Dot fastener tools including Hole Punches and Drivers for installing Lift-The-Dot Fasteners onto fabrics or structures.
  • Grommet Setting Tools Grommet Setting Tools
    Grommet Setting Tools manufactured C.S. Osborne in North America including hand and bench mount tools for hole cutting and setting, plain, spur and self piercing grommets in various sizes starting from #00-3/16" to #10-1.5".
  • Fabric Hole Punch Tools Fabric Hole Punch Tools
    Hand-Held, Hand Press & Plier type fabric hole punch tools that easily and cleanly cuts holes into leather, upholstery, vinyl, canvas, plastic, sign boards and more, from 1/8'' to 2'' diameters.
  • Sewing Machine Binding Folder Sewing Machine Binding Folder
    Sewing Machine Binding Folder makes a difficult job easier and faster for a uniform factory quality seam. Adapters help stitch binding into place faster and straighter. Simply screw binding folder into place, then guide the material and binding through the machine.
  • Sewing Machine Magnetic Guide Sewing Machine Magnetic Guide
    Magnetic Sewing Machine Seam Guides enables you to sew perfectly even seams along a straight line.
  • Upholstery Button Tools Upholstery Button Tools
    All the tools required to make and install upholstery buttons including button hand press, press dies & tufting needles. These tools are Manufactured by C.S Osborne and available in sizes of 9/16" to 1 1/8".
  • Zipper Stop Pliers Zipper Stop Pliers
    Zipper Stop Pliers enables you to shorten zippers or make zippers to any length when working with continuous zipper tape. Zipper Stop Pliers are designed to install any kind of stop on zippers and helps to eliminate slippage and distortion of the zipper stops.
  • Zipper Jig Zipper Jig
    The lower clamp holds the Zipper Jig securely to your work station and the upper clamp is used for locking the jig rod in any direction. To install the slider onto the zipper, simply place the slider in the "V" groove of the jig rod, then push or pull your zipper tape into the slider.
  • Upholstery Staplers Upholstery Staplers
    Air powered and manual Staple Guns for upholstery applications, including the corresponding staples in a multitude of lengths.
  • Pipe Drilling Tools Pipe Drilling Tools
    Drill bits for Stainless Steel. Drill guide for round pipe.
  • Hog Ring Pliers Hog Ring Pliers
    Forged Steel Vinyl covered handle with closing spring to hold hog rings. Great tool for crimping bungee cords or ropes. C.S Osborne quality tool. Will accommodate hog rings from 3/16" to 3/4".
  • Hot Knife Cutters Hot Knife Cutters
    Hot knife cutters are a great tool for cutting synthetic fabrics, webbing, rope, bungee cord, knit elastics and things that would ravel when cut with scissors. These Hot Knives cut clean and leave a sealed edge.
  • Electric Knife Cutter Electric Knife Cutter
    Electric Knife Cutters are perfect for a shop doing repetitive contract work. An ideal choice for when you require stack cutting to be efficient but cannot justify the expense of the large industrial cutting machines.
  • Foam Cutters Foam Cutters
    Electric Foam Cutters makes cutting upholstery foams fast, efficient, & precise with 90 degree edges. These cutters especially excel when the foam being cut needs angles and curves. Cuts foam up to 8" thick.
  • Hammers & Mallets Hammers & Mallets
    Upholstery Hammers & Mallets for driving Upholstery Tacks, Decorative Nails, Tacking Strips and punch tools.
  • Pins & Needles Pins & Needles
    Upholstery Pins and Needles including Tufting Needles, Regulators, Curved Needles, Darning Needles, Needle Kits, Plastic Head Needles, T-Pins.
  • Hot Glue Gun Hot Glue Gun
    Designed for small applications where precise adhesive placement is required. Due to the high speed of bonding that hot glue sticks have, it is often practical to use a hot-melt glue gun to position or "tack" pieces prior to a permanent bonding using nails, screws or tacks.
  • Adhesive Spray Guns Adhesive Spray Guns
    Ideal for sticky and abrasive liquids that may clog up or wear out more expensive spray equipment. Marine, residential, automotive, and upholstery trades. Suitable for hobby woodwork and for finishing a variety of projects with paints, stains, polyurethanes and lacquers.
  • Upholstery Tools Upholstery Tools
    A an assortment of Upholstery Tools for furniture including furniture springs tools, staple removers, webbing stretchers, trimming tools, seam stretchers, seam rollers and upholstery kits.
  • Upholstery Kits Upholstery Kits
    All-inclusive Upholstery Tool Kits fills the needs of the journey man upholsterer, trainee and ambitious amateur to repair or reupholster marine and household furniture. Each kit contains a 16 page booklet on most common upholstery repairs.
  • Seam Rippers Seam Rippers
    Seam Rippers can be used for many and varied sewing and general uses such as quick unpicking as well as for neat cutting to open button holes.
  • Sewing Awl Sewing Awl
    Sewing Awls are used for hand sewing thick and/or dese fabrics by using a handle made usually of wood and inserting a needle that could be straight, bent, thick, or thin to puncture a hole or enlarge an existing hole allowing thread to be fed through to sew together thick and dense fabrics.

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