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With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible
With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible

Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester, Cotton, Sunbrella®, Reflective, Furniture, Jacquard Webbings in a multitude of colours, widths and thicknesses.

  • Polypropylene Webbing Polypropylene Webbing
    Polypropylene Webbing is an economical alternative to nylon. It is preferred for uses where direct contact with acids is possible and has good abrasion and UV attributes. Polypropylene Webbing floats and does not absorb water.
  • Nylon Webbing Nylon Webbing
    Nylon Webbing is a strong and durable type of webbing excellent for outdoor marine applications. It has excellent abrasion and UV resistance. Nylon webbing is commonly used in making sports products, dog leashes, luggage straps, and safety belts.
  • Polyester Webbing Polyester Webbing
    Polyester webbing is the best choice when choosing a webbing for outdoor applications. Polyester webbing has a soft hand, is high strength, abrasion resistant, resists elongation in high moisture applications and resists UV degradation better than both polypropylene or nylon webbing.
  • Cotton Webbing Cotton Webbing
    Cotton webbing in a heavy basket weave to maximize strength and handling. General purpose webbing for garment and bag applications. Used for strapping on environmentally friendly bags.
  • Sunbrella Webbing Sunbrella Webbing
    Sunbrella® Webbing is the ultimate UV Rated webbing on the market. Made from 78% acrylic & 22% polyester, it is UV rated at 2200 hours when tested to AATCC 169-2003 (option 3) test method.
  • Seat Belt Webbing Seat Belt Webbing
    2" Polyester Seat belt webbing is very strong, has a soft hand, easy to sew and is more flexible than most webbing's. We carry both first grade webbing and an inexpensive second grade seat belt webbing.
  • Tie Down Webbing Tie Down Webbing
    Thick, heavy all weather, 100% high tenacity, polyester Tie Down/Cargo Webbing is commonly used on truck beds, cargo and trailer straps. High break strength loads from 1" @ 4,500 lbs. up to 4" @ 20,000 lbs.
  • Furniture Webbing Furniture Webbing
    Over 90% of all furniture sold in Europe uses a Furniture Webbing suspension system which are more economical than springs, easy to install, comfortable, and give a greater freedom of frame design than with traditional sinuous (no sag) springs.
  • Reflective Webbing Reflective Webbing
    Highly Visible 1.75 mm Nylon Reflective Webbing with a bonded reflective strip down the center of the webbing allowing ample room to stitch the edges without interfering with the reflective properties of the tape.
  • Tubular Tubular
    Tubular construction features Polypropylene fibers that are woven into a tube, then flattened to form double-layer webbing.
  • Jacquard Webbing Jacquard Webbing
    Printed Jacquard 100% Polyester webbing available in widths form 3/4" to 2" and thickness of 1.35 mm, 1.75 mm and tubular Printed Jacquard Webbing's. Jacquard decorative webbing's enhance the appearance of garments, hand bags, totes, dog leashes, guitar straps etc.
  • Webbing Tips Webbing Tips
    Webbing Tip Ends can be used on the ends of webbing, ribbon or fabric to give a finished look to your project.
  • Webbing Tools Webbing Tools
    Webbing Cutters to cut and singe the ends of webbing to prevent the webbing from fraying. Webbing Stretchers primarily used to stretch webbing to get a taunt stretch of furniture webbing.


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